Last week, all Dutch schools and after schools received an assignment package to participate during the 20th Annual Regatta Art Competition. This Art Competition is open for all children between 4-18 years old. Contestants are divided in five age groups. Each group has the possibility to choose one assignment out of three different assignments. In the end of January, the art works must be handed in at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club or Van Dorp locations where a team of artists will judge all the artworks. Each group will have a first, second and third place. The Winners of each group will be rewarded with prizes sponsored by local businesses.

Assignment packages can still be picked up at both Van Dorp locations and at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club. The Assignments that can be chosen vary from creating a boat made out of recycled material or making a painting. The packages can also be sent digitally if desired, just send an email to the email address below and you will receive a digitally assignment package.

This year there will be a group assignment as well. You can sign up for this assignment with your whole class or group. After signing up, a 15-meter line will be delivered to your location. The goal of the assignment is to make children more aware of the influence of plastic garbage. Children need to collect 5 kg plastic bottles per group (this is the amount of plastic one person produces per year). This plastic will be the main material for a festive swing the groups have to create by themselves. The swings will be used as decoration in the actual St. Maarten Regatta village. The group with the most beautiful and festive swing will win a prize for the entire group. Anouk van Loon, organizer of the Regatta Art Competition explains: “The group assignment is something fun to do together with your classmates. All the classes can come to the Heineken Regatta Village to see the results of the other schools’ Want to sign up? Just send an email to:”

The children with the winning artworks can win amazing prizes that are sponsored by local business. This year’s prizes are sponsored by: Aqua Mania, Scuba Shop, Sea Side Nature park, Carousel, Intertoys, Rainforest Adventures, Funtopia, Laura and Roland Richardson gallery museum, Random Wind St. Maarten, Trisport, Van Dorp, Domino’s, Winair, Ocean Explores, Shipwreck, Rhino Safari Excursions, Kooyman, Toppers, Top Carrot, Print & Sign, Cost U Less, Pineapple Pete and SeaFun.

Please note the following dates:
Deadline assignments: The pieces of art must be handed in before Friday January 25th,2019 at both Van Dorp locations or at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club.
Prize giving ceremony: Sunday February 3 rd,2019 – 2 PM sharp at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club.

If you would like to participate in the Regatta Art Competition, please get in contact with Anouk by sending an email to or calling +1 721 553 8397.

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